Level regulator for clear waters 10(8) A

Nominal current 10(8) A / 250 V. Equipped with high performances micro switch, self cleaning contact.

The GRAVITY float switch stands out for its small size and simple construction and installation. Consisting of an external body made of injection molded polypropylene, it is internally equipped with a 21 A - 250V - 50-60Hz switch positioned inside the main body. The electrical wiring terminals are protected with a removable cover equipped with a cable gland for blocking the connection cable. Particularly suitable for use in clear water tanks, it allows you to adjust the levels with a simple cord equipped with a counterweight, an ogive float and a stop disk, thus ensuring maximum simplicity and versatility of use.

Technical drawing


Max. operating temperature 50 °C
Storage temperature -20÷80 °C
Operating voltage 230 Vac
Max. switching voltage 250 Vac
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Current with resistive load 10 A
Current with inductive load 8 A
Microswitch capacity 21 A
Protection level IP 56
Material Polipropilene antiurto atossico