Accessories for electronic float switches


Weight: 160g standard or 200g for Shuttle
Dimensions: ∅48 x h59 mm
Colours: black, blue or yellow
Material: outer body in polystyrene, filled with sand and iron grit

AISI 316 steel counterweight

Weight: 145g
Dimensions: ∅28 x h32 mm
Material: AISI 316 steel


Plug-socket deflected.
Connected to the floating switch and to the electricity network, it starts the electric pump directly from the plug-socket deflected

Electric probe

Consisting of an AISI 303 stainless steel electrode, a plastic electrode holder and a cable gland.
A sealing ring and the tightening of the cable gland prevent water from entering the cable connection terminal and consequent oxidation. Maximum working temperature 60°C.
For a perfect seal, the connection cable must have an external diameter between 2.5 and 6 mm.